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Spirituality or Religion

Spirituality is not directly concerned with any religion, although religion can lead a person to the Spiritual Path. Spirituality acknowledge the spiritual essence underlying all the world's religions without becoming personally involved in any of them. In Meditation one seeks spiritual realisation directly, rather than through particular beliefs or religious observances. Meditation concerns the development of the mind and the deeper layers of human consciousness. It is the path most applicable for those who believe in Universal Idea (God) and for those who have experienced It themselves in order to accelerate their evolution and spiritual realisation the Meditator begins at the point where formal religion ends as it can say no more. At that point, the practice of metaphysics opens up into the dimension of higher spiritual understanding. For this reason the Meditator can see no reason to become involved in any particular beliefs, orders, congregations, temples, churches or forms of worship, for these only serve to limit his vision and his mission.



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