2012 Review on the Gita Society of Belgium



2012 Review on the Gita Society of Belgium




“2012” was for us at the Gita Satsang a real success on Facebook, we were able to receive a large number of friends in our midst, mostly from India. Together we are deeply aware of the importance of practicing meditation as well as spirituality more than religion.


It is only through meditation and spirituality that we can get lasting peace, first of all peace of mind more than traditional Western religion ever offers. We aim the bestowal of “Divine Grace” through meditation and sound spirituality. Spirituality cannot be achieved by pulling or pushing. We cannot pull down spiritual light by hook or by crook. When it comes down on its own, only on the strength of our willingness to achieve something, we will be able to receive the benefits of it. At the other hand, if we try to pull the light beyond our capacity of receptivity, we will break. How do we receive this light from above? How do we expand our consciousness so that our receptivity will increase? The answer is meditation, firstly as presented in the Bhagavad Gita, found in three languages in this blog, together with the “accessories” needed for a valuable study of the book, and proper meditation.


Meditation does not mean just sitting quietly for five or ten minutes. Like everything in life if we want to achieve something, it requires conscious effort. The mind has to be made calm and quiet; and, at the same time, it has to be vigilant so as to allow any distracting thoughts or desires to enter. When we can make the mind calm and quiet, we will feel that a new creation is dawning inside us. When the mind is vacant and tranquil and we become an empty vessel, our inner being can invoke infinite peace, light and bliss to enter into the vessel and fill it.


Meditation is a help to answer the question as stated by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, “Whom Am I?” (Nan Yar?).  "Who am I?" is the title given to a set of questions and answers bearing on Self-enquiry.


Along with Vicharasangraham (Self-Enquiry), Nan Yar (Who am I?) constitutes the first set of instructions in the Master's own words. These two are the only prose pieces among Bhagavan's Works. They clearly set forth the central teaching that the direct path to liberation is Self-enquiry. The particular mode in which the enquiry is to be made is lucidly set forth in Nan Yar. The mind consists of thoughts. The 'I' thought is the first to arise in the mind. When the enquiry ' Who am I?' is persistently pursued, all other thoughts get destroyed, and finally the 'I' thought itself vanishes leaving the supreme non-dual Self alone. The false identification of the Self with the phenomena of non-self such as the body and mind thus ends, and there is illumination, Sakshatkara. The process of enquiry of course, is not an easy one. As one enquires 'Who am I?', other thoughts will arise; but as these arise, one should not yield to them by following them , on the contrary, one should ask 'To whom do they arise ?' In order to do this, one has to be extremely vigilant. Through constant enquiry one should make the mind stay in its source, without allowing it to wander away and get lost in the mazes of thought created by itself. All other disciplines such as breath-control and meditation on the forms of God should be regarded as auxiliary practices. They are useful in so far as they help the mind to become quiescent and one-pointed.


For the mind that has gained skill in concentration, Self-enquiry becomes comparatively easy. It is by ceaseless enquiry that the thoughts are destroyed and the Self realized - the plenary Reality in which there is not even the 'I' thought, the experience which is referred to as "Silence".


Together, we continue in 2013, in answer to the question, “How can a person really find inner peace? On the practical level, do not expect anything from others on the physical plane. Do not expect anything from the world; only love the world and offer your capacity, your inner wealth from the “Higher Self Within”, and your joy. To complete your golden dream of peace, selflessly serve, and unconditionally love in selfless service.


© December 2012 – Philippe L. De Coster, B.Th., D.D., President of the Gita Society of Belgium (© 2001-2013).




Here follows the list of E-books (PDF’s) found on this blog:


The Bhagavad Gita in English


De Bhagavad Gita boven alle geloofswaarheden


De Veertig Verzen van de Bhagavad Gita voor meditatie


De Bhagavad Gita in het Nederlands


Gita Dhyanam en Mahatmya


La Gayatri Mantra


Petit Lexique Hindoue


Bhagavad Gita en Français


Sri Gita Calisa in Sanskrit (Forty Verses)


Self-help Sanskrit Grammar


Handbook on Lord Siva and His Worship


Shiva the Destroyer and the Restorer


Lord Shiva and Sexual Energy


Shiva Devotion and Meditation As It Is


Shri Shiva Chalisa Lyrics


The Gorakhbodh


Self Enquiry by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


“Who Am I ?” (Nan Yar?)


The Maharshi Periodicals (1991-2002)


Cosmic Dance of the Lord Shiva


Some Great Rishis of India


Namaskara – The Science and Service of Blessing


Meditating on the picture of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


The Sixty-Three Nayanmar (Periyapuranam)


The Maharshi – Years 2011-2012



On The Glory of the Siddhas 

Hymn in praise of Sri Bhagavan Ramana



The blog has a number of videos on everywhere, just check.


  E_book click hereunder


 First Followers of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


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Short Treatise on Dreams

A Course on the Psychic Meaning of Dreams


 My very best wishes to each and everyone for 2013

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Happy New Year 2013 Message on E_Book 



 Self_Enquiry Illustrated to Download Here



Extra Edition - Ancient Egypt Tradition

The Book of Dreaming




"Those Who Have Risen"



(From the “Oral Shurpu Kishpu” Ancient Egypt Tradition,

And Goddess Kali Worship)


How to Perform your Rituals or Meditate

to Goddess Kali, Mistress of the Vampires

(A Chapter from a Manuscript in Preparation)



The Goddess Kali Mantra for Vampires






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