Sultan Saladin, Admired by Friends and Foes



My forthcoming Ebook illustrated mainly by myself. While the history is accurate from the Eastern and Western point-of-view, my own drawn coloured illustrations is plainly fiction along the “Assassins” personages, though some photographs here and there. Hereby, a view of my drawings, while my artwork is not yet finished.


Shortly, the history is as such:


The army proceeded from Arsuf to Jaffa, which the Crusaders took and fortified strongly. Jaffa, they hoped, would be the base of operations in a drive to reconquer Jerusalem itself. As the winter of 1191­1192 approached, active campaigning was abandoned and further sporadic negotiations between Richard and Saladin were taken up, though without any immediate result. During the winter months Richard's men occupied and refortified Ascalon, whose fortifications had earlier been razed by Saladin.


The spring of 1192 saw continued negotiations and further skirmishing between the opposing forces. During this period Richard began to receive disturbing news of the activities of his brother John and of Philip Augustus, and as the spring gave way to summer it became evident that Richard must soon return to Europe to safeguard his own interests there. Saladin several times attacked Jaffa and once was on the point of taking the city during Richard's absence; the plan, however, was foiled by Richard's unexpected return.


During the summer Richard fell ill and this, added to the news of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Europe, brought him finally to accept Saladin's peace terms . The departure of Richard the Lionhearted from the Holy Land in October 1192 ended the third major Western invasion of the East. On this expedition three great armies had toiled to conquer Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine for the West. But, in 1192, Jerusalem was still in Saladin's hands and the deliverance of the East from the Moslems was still a pious hope. The positive achievement of this Crusade was modest: it had re-established a tiny Latin Kingdom on the Palestinian coast. The major task of the Crusade, however, was left undone.



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Sultan Saladin


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Sultan Saladin meeting  Richard the Lionhearted


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The Saladin Knight Gianni da Cabbala settled himself at Poortakker Monastery in Ghent, near the Saint Nicolas Church where normally new Knights are yearly invested. While as today, the whole Christian philosophy dismisses the faith of Islam as one that rejects Christianity, the truth of the matter is that it is the Christian church as a whole (Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants) and the tenets of Judaism as well, no matter which mainstream protagonist of them, which reject all other faiths. In fact, for the greater part of two thousand years of history, the Christians have actively fought against them all, be it the Jewish faith, the Islamic faith the Buddhist faith and any other faiths on the face of planet Earth. As such Knight Gianni da Cabbala has an immense mission in  North of Europe, defending the Truth that all religions are alike, and that the one is not better than the other. Religion is fiction. (Latest addition in my Ebook to end up the story.)



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A crusader defeated


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A warrior in Sultan Saladin's army

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 A warrior from Sultan Saladin's Army

(Defeating a Crusader for defence only)

Knights, Saladin, Islam, Crusades, History

 Saladin before his initiation to the knighthood. It is as if he sees the vision as future great warrior, in the spirituality of Al-Ghazali, the Islamic mystic.

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A beautiful saying from the Hadiths (Islamic tradition)

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A fight between someone from Sultan Saladin's army and the Crusaders



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Recruiting for Saladin's Army.

The building behind is the most important mosque in Iran


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 Sultan Saladin in all his array is ready for a night battle.



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 Corrected panel of the above as the gold colour did not work out with Photoshop. The artist used a different drawing paper with better results.


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A prominent lady knight in my story, called at the moment and for publication on this blog, "Saladinna". Remember my story will be "history as well as fiction."



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King Richard Lionheart during the Crusades, and confrontation with Sultan Saladin.



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Queen Berengaria of Navarre, wife of Richard Lionheart



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Crusade knight, guardian of the Holy Land


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William, young European boy of almost sixteen, converted to Islam received the name of Hamza. Influenced by extremists in Sultan Saladin’s army joined the battlefield against the Knights Templar during that particular Crusade, called the Crusade of the Assassins. He was asked to go to battle and kill without pardon as much unbelievers to the Islamic Faith as possible. The extremists suppressed the lad by telling him that this is the wish of Allah, and the sure reward is paradise. The flames of hell are not for him but for the unbelievers, they will burn forever, in spite that the Islamic doctrines in the Hadiths say, that it is possible to leave hell at the long run, though with great difficulty,  if this is the will of Allah. Impossible without his will. However, they also say that if it is the will of Allah, the believer, the good person, may also go to hell. As such Islam is not a religion of hope. Reminding here, that the three Abrahamic Faiths are blood religions. No longer of our time, and even very dangerous. They all have extremists.



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Guardians of Sultan Saladin watching over the fortress. They are masked.

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 On the attack

Knights Templars knew most well that the East was scientifically  more advanced than the West; as such they reduced themselves to work for the Muslims and learn their skills, to bring the acquired knowledge to the European countries in due time. The pope forbade all scientific research work, and sentenced those who did do scientific research. This prohibition was not to contradict biblical history and Christian truths. The Bible leaves with many, many problematic questions for which there are no answers, and therefore reckoned as “doubtful”. Remember God did not created man, but man created, and all other deities.

 About sports, there are many different and exciting Japanese martial arts styles that people around the world are training in those styles: Karate, Aikido, Kempo, and Kendo...

 Also, it is believed that elements of Chinese martial arts originated more than six thousand years ago as the first cavemen learned simple blocking and striking techniques to protect themselves. The first documented form of Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese wrestling, is noted in the texts written by and about the legendary Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, in the first half of the third millennium BCE (Before Common Era).

 Yoga and meditation are systems that help people to increase their ability to relax, concentrate and enhance their memory. Different styles of meditation and Yoga use different methods to achieve these goals. Some focus on breath meditation, some focus on meditation through body movement, and some follow different paths. Meditation helps create a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity and is also thought to tap the hidden potentials of an individual.



Woman in the harem of Sultan Saladin


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 Night fight a Crusader against.... the story will tell.



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Guy de Lusignan King of Jerusalem, afterwards of Cyprus. Philippe L. De Coster, is also a knight in this lineage; and ever since his investiture "Grand Master Rose + Cross". He belongs also with the same title to the Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren Rose + Cross, and the Poor Knights of Christ, Gardians of the Holy Land. This means the Knights had to watch over the safety of the pilgrims. The Grand Master General still gathers new recruits.


The artwork is copyright, while the artist and writer keeps the originals for himself. This page is under construction, and a lot more pictures will be added in the form of an Ebook. All the sketches uncoloured are also found  in the writer's Facebook, the album: "How to draw comics".

 You may write: decosterphilippe6@gmail.com



The Vampire Violonist and the dancing candlesticks

Something different, and it does not belong to above story. My own oil painting on canvas, size 60 x 70 cm. Not for sale, and belongs to my own private collection. Picture can also serve for Christmas card.



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Be not of this World for a Moment


(with the Jägerbomb)


By  Hagur









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