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Writer and artist of the forthcoming book in preparation, "Sultan Saladin Admired by Friends and Foes.


Sultan Saladin was merely a window from which only few of the high standards of Islam were seen and experienced by the Crusaders. The French historian Rene Grousse truly said it all when he described Saladin saying:


"It is equally true that his generosity, his piety, devoid of fanaticism, that flower of liberality and courtesy which had been the model of our old chroniclers, won him no less popularity in Frankish Syria than in the lands of Islam."


Men and women of intellect and wisdom of all faiths or just none must not fall victims to deception or hidden agendas. People of faith or none must no longer allow fanatics to invoke war and bloodshed upon ourselves and kin, again in the name of religion. Religions are totally ungrounded as instituted by men. It is men that created God, paradise and hell, etc.



The lonely warrior of Sultan Saladin's army is on his guard, finding himself all alone, not knowing if there are enemies around.

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The young Saladin makes sentimental proposals. In this the maiden is not so agreeable, her lips are saying a lot. She shows the combination of attractive human and coldly inhuman qualities. She may appear warm and yet seem to have ice water in the veins. Young Saladin has not yet conquered everything. He does not know that she is without feeling for his love. Not to be accepted hurts, and could awaken anger. His chase can become an obsession in the pursuit of an illusion.


Crusades, Islam, History, Fiction, Knights

Sultan Saladin as he struggles against the powerful Templar Order at least just now. In defeating the corrupt tyrants as the Pope and his Cardinals, there will require not only strength, but also skilled leadership, and tells his own commander in the presence of a commander of King Richard Lionheart how he should proceed to safe his own army as well as the Knights Templar from the destroying and evil intentions of the Vatican, the residence of the Pope and headquarters of the Catholics.


Knights, Crusades, History, Islam, Fiction



Richard of Camville, a knight, who was an important English official in the court of Richard Lionheart. He serves as evidence of King Richard’s control over Crusade planning against Sultan Saladin.


Knights, Crusades, Islam, History, Fiction


A Muslim is captured by the warriors of King Richard Lionheart, and is sentenced without real trial, just because he is a Muslim. The right hand of Sultan Saladin is intervening, pleading for his freedom. It is a dialogue between an official of King Richard, a Knight Templar and Saladin’s warrior. The question is, “will the captured Muslim be freed.” The story will tell. Injustices happen also today the world over. Man has not changed, and religious philosophy does not help at all, but makes it all worse. History always repeats itself. The whole scenery happens under the name of Allah, somewhere in Jerusalem.


History, Crusades, Knights, Saladin, Fiction


The warrior did not succeed to convince the Knight Templars to release the old Muslim man, and after his sentence left them totally disappointed. Despite the highly ideals of the Knight Templars, their methods were often questioned, which included subterfuge, assassination, manipulation of individuals as well as events under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, murder and even warfare. They did not know what justice was. Defeated, the warrior returns to his Commandery. Meanwhile, he thinks to revenge.


Knights, Saladin, History, fiction, Templars


The Knights Templar sentenced and killed a Muslim, which could not be prevented by the Saladin’s warrior. So now a justified revenge is going on. A warrior of Saladin’s army is killing a European citizen. Is it justified? Sultan Saladin will have the last word about this.



Knight, Crusades, Islam, History, Fiction



This is the first panel in a series of three panels. Here the warrior is running hard in a landscape of mountains and forests. Next he will be flying in the air to finally land on a tree facing his target, the enemy.


Templars, History, Fiction, Islam, Comics


The Saladin’s warrior feels already the enemy through his armour. And, it winds him up. He swiftly turns to the right and the left, swinging with his blade. He hopes that his blade will stick the enemy somewhere, and he turns all sides in the air. Soon he will be on the ground he hopes. However, he landed in a bare place as people were hiding themselves in their houses.



Knight, History, Islam, Crusades, Fiction, artwork



Conversation between Sultan Saladin and King Richard Lionheart

Well, Richard, I had the privilege to be the son of a powerful personality of the desert. My mother knowing well the Occident, taught me its ways. I was a favoured son in the family. I was able to study and appreciate science as well as the martial arts and other arts. However, during my study time, Richard,  I learned to appreciate the fairer sex gaining  the appreciation of the western woman, displaying a sense of awareness and independence, that seemed more assertive of our own women in my fathers’ Harem.

I returned from my studies with important qualifications, and remained under my father’s authority, fulfilling all the responsibilities of his position save for this one until the day came that my father’s authority requested an audience with me to discuss his affairs to be transmitted to me. But, I was and still am a warrior, and refused his proposition. He said, “My son, why do you wish to make my and your existence so difficult ?
Silence my son, you will honour my wishes? But, I did not, and here I am Richard defending my people and my faith, just like you do.



Knights, Crusades, History, Fiction, Islam


A  justifying conversation between a Saladin warrior and two knights of two different Templar Orders. The one left belonging to the great hospital in Jerusalem run by the Order of St. John, accommodating hundreds of sick at  any one time, committed to  treating anybody regardless of race or religion; only lepers were excluded, on obvious medical  grounds. The other at the right dominated the regions they have conquered, imposing a hierarchy of power with themselves at the apex. Westerners came east to live for the Nazarene just enthusiastically  as to die for him. The three tries a negotiation settlement. This is how Sultan Saladin worked, but he was not understood by the  Knights Templar eager to fight and kill in the name of the Popish religion.



Knights, history, fiction, Islam, Crusades, Saladin


 Freed from the succession problem and, for the fist time since Acre fell, with united support, Richer Lionheart pursued his game of two-handed chess in Southern Palestine: military action shadowing detailed negotiations. One of Richard latest offers included a proposal  for a new partition that included a divided city of Jerusalem, the Muslins retaining control of the Haram al-Shariff (Temple Mount) and the Tower of David. This found no favour.


Templars, crusades, Islam, Fiction, History


 Haram al-Shariff (Temple Mount), and the Wall in Jerusalem, taken by the moderator of this blog in 2011.


Israel, Crusaders, Knight, Islam

The moderator of this blog, EBook author and comics artist (November 2011)



Knights, History, Saladin, Islam, Fiction


Conversation between King Richard Lionheart and the young Saladin.


Richard: Our two armies dug in. The Christians are partially encircling the city by land, and surrounding on your army field, Saladin.


Saladin: I have heard that over 4000 Christians have been killed on the left wing alone. As a result, heaps of rotting corpses setting off for infection and disease, in fact in both camps. In spite of all this your objective has been achieved but mine too, Richard. In the name of Allah I conquer.


Knights, Crusades, religion, history, anima, fiction


Saladin’s warriors burned a Christian church in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem. For the believers in the Nazarene the death and resurrection drama as found in the Apocalypse of Saint John ended as it were just at that time. The Book of Revelation together with Prophetic passages in the Old Testament state four kinds of world ending. Three have already taken place, and the fourth one is still waiting for  as  still professed in the Christian Churches and Islam, which will never come. This is scientifically  totally impossible. Planet Earth may face a catastrophe like with other planets in time and space, how terrible it may be, but as described in the Bible it will never but never happen.  Minister of religion  are telling tales. That too is money making. The knights Templar themselves were very rich, and were sentenced for that. The  Pope and the King of France agreed to kill them and take their wealth for themselves. This is Christian justice. Do you still want to be part of them?

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The women rights in Islam have always been confusing and divided. However, that was also in Roman Catholicism some 65 years ago as well as in Protestantism and in the Jewish religion in the first place. Here is a woman protesting against those unjustified laws, as said coming from a Divine Revelation as found in the Sacred Books. The Saladin warrior is on the attack, while the woman is also armed. Who will win? At the time when I was still a child, at least in Roman Catholicism outside the purpose of bringing children to birth, man could only have sex for pleasure during the monthly menstruation of his wife, as using preservatives were also forbidden by the Church (Christian Churches). Today only a very few are following the idea. People, at least in the West, are no longer ruled by ecclesiastics with their insane ideas. Remember, mean created God, but God did not created man. Ponder on this!


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 Sultan Saladin is teaching alchemy to King Richard Lionheart


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Meditation before action. Saladin's scope of vision was that he gave each situation its due attention and weight, and he never broke a bridge of diplomacy or peace initiative with his opponents. The power or wealth he acquired never spoiled him. Power and position did not mean anything to him.


Knights, Crusaders, History, fiction, Islam


Sultan Saladin in conversation with two ladies of King Richard Lionheart’s court in Jerusalem.

Knights, Islam, crusades, fiction, history


A Saladin’s warrior approaches the Knights Templar Commandery in Jerusalem, one knight makes himself ready for the attack, while the nearest one is ready to let the man in and listen to what the Saladin’s messenger has to say.


Crusades; knights, Islam, history, fiction


Death, swords and inhuman minds control our world. If possible never get cornered with multiple enemies, if you do they have a habit hitting you the same time and even with counter attacks you might end up loosing health, specially if you are not good at countering.


If you get cornered withdraw from the fight and move to better location and lock into the fight again. Since you cannot move that freely when you are locked into the fight. After all, go wild you banging Saladin’s warrior, destroy the Pope’s hypocrite. Fight to live a free life away from the tyranny of religions. Fight for right. Fight for freedom now. Masses of people are on the road, starting riots and strikes, spending all of their energy to kill in the name of the Pope of Rome, Emperors and Kings of the West.



Knight, Crusades, Islam, History, Fiction


During the Crusade of Sultan Saladin there existed two major forces of power in the Holy Land and beyond, call it the Light Dimension and the Dark Dimension. Two different powers one at the Pope’s side and the other at the Islamic side. The Pope is unable, after all, to overcome the Light Dimension Hero Saladin, the last being in full force for the good of mankind but also with plans annihilate any resistors. The two armies are in the heat of battle; however, Saladin’s army is the strongest, as his warriors could fly like monsters ready to attack.




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Niyuddha is an ancient and true Indian Martial Art called as Niyuddha Kride . It was born in Satyug. Which has been developed as most effective method of weaponless self-defense but an intricate art, and an exciting sport as well a trenchant method of maintaining physical and mental fitness.






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