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With its own laws, lands and taxes, the Catholic Church was a very powerful institution which had its own laws and lands. The Catholic Church also imposed taxes. In addition to collecting taxes, the Church also accepted gifts of all kinds from individuals who wanted special favours or wanted to be certain of a place in heaven. The power of the Catholic Church grew with its wealth. The Catholic Church was then able to influence the kings and rulers of Europe. Opposition to the Catholic Church would result in excommunication. This meant that the person who was excommunicated could not attend any church services, receive the sacraments and would go straight to hell when they died. Christianity claiming its own rights, the Islamic faith claimed their, which caused torturing and killing between the two.




World religions are no longer of our time, since the scientific discoveries of the universe beyond clouds and the blue sky for more than one-hundred years. However, in 1095, Pope Urban II decided that Europe's kingdoms should help the Byzantine emperor. The Byzantine Empire had faced many invasions. Now the Seljuk Turks were a strong force on the Byzantine borders. Speaking to a group of nobles, Pope Urban II called for all Christians to take up arms and take control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The Pope's speech was witnessed and recorded by a nobleman named Fulcher of Chartres.


Many European men, women, and children joined the Crusades and fought in the Middle East. In 1099 they took Jerusalem. Wars continued in the region for many years. In 1187, the Muslim leader Saladin prepared to try to take Jerusalem back from the Christians.



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 A fight on Knights Templar premises against a Saladin Knight acting solo. The Saladin knight is able to face three adversaries at once. He has been trained for the kind of confrontation. He belongs to the Sufi brotherhood and has acquainted psychic powers through practicing the  Dhikr as much as he can. The Dhikr is a spiritual practice in Sufi gatherings or solo.



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This is the first part of a whole scenery. The second part to be followed. A Saladin Knight is listening to the discourse of a Franciscan monk, his preaching being more political than religious. What else would you have expect by the Christian leaders of that time. One does not have to go as far as the Crusaders to know that. Even when I was a boy in Belgium (the years 50), religious leaders were more concerned about politics than their own religious faiths. Today it is all different, they are in minority, and weak and religion sentenced to death. Today, when bishops and priests say something wrong, as anything against human freedom, they receive rotten tomatoes, eggs, and pastry in their stupid faces. In those days people were tortured, hanged or burned for that. However, in some countries those criminal laws still avail as in Islamic countries with homosexuals for instance, they are hanged or stoned in the name of a God of Love as they say.



Knights, Crusades, Saladin, Fiction, History

Commentary as above




Knights, Saladin, Islam, History, Crusades, Fiction


The Saladin Knights now flying West, and at this point one reaching a Flemish castle. They are now occupying Flanders.


Knights, Fiction, History, Saladin, Islam


 This is taken place near to the castle we were previously. Unsure whether the Saladin knight and the local citizen are friends or foes. The knight’s intention was to kill, but it seems that they are becoming friends.


Knights, Islam, Saladin, History, Fiction


The Saladin Knight landing again somewhere else on the market place near the Flemish castle, he got hold of a local citizen. He has a dagger in his right hand, but will not use it. He rather wants to close friendship with the man.


Fiction, Knights, Saladin, History


Knights, Saladin, Crusades, Fiction, History


The story is now almost at its end. The Saladin Knight is flying to the West, where he will enter in our New Era, in the year 2013. He and others will face the unexpected. Christianity is dying rapidly, while the Islam not yet, or not quiet. We must remember that the Islamic Faith is about six centuries younger, so it will be alive some time longer. But, religion is going to die as science as a whole  progresses.






  The Saladin knight is moving over planet Earth to his appointed destination Flanders where Saladin’s army will get settled in the New Age. Saladin’s preferred cities are Ghent and Bruges.


knights, saladin, history, Islam, fiction, crusades



The Saladin Knights are finally landed in the Flanders from many centuries ago, since the third Crusades, when the Templars were facing Sultan Saladin’s army. The Saladin knights landed everywhere in Ghent and Bruges. This one landed in the small medieval streets between the Cathedral and the Bishop’s House in Ghent. They have arrived in an entirely different age, which is called the New Age, or the Aquarian Age. People are different in the way of thinking and acting. The mass no longer believe in tales as imposed by the religion leaders. Those tales today are fictional, and used in comics and children books like the legend of Saint Nicolas, etc. We have entered the scientific age and so are the Saladin knights and warriors.



Knights, Saladin, History, Fiction, crusades


The Saladin knights are now settled in the Flanders, the Commanderies of Ghent, Bruges and they are invading the castle of Laarne near Ghent. They make acquaintance with our way of life, very difficult for them. They are also confronting other warriors as shown on the picture. This is the end of the story at this stage, but this is not the end of their story.




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Sultan Saladin, Admired by Friends and Foes, on video the Saladin knights First part is here published, my own drawings and aquarelle paintings, we now foreshadow the second part in preparation for sometimes in 2014. The Saladin knights are flying as they do like birds to the West, landing in this New Age, and century. They land in Ghent, and Bruges. We have seen on Facebook what Bruges is like today, now we are visiting Ghent. In this sense we are preparing our new adventure.



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