Two Years in St. Lucas Art Academy in Ghent 2004-2006

My Two Years in St. Lucas Art Academy in Ghent 2004-2006

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Myself in Art Academy Evening Class 







End of Academy Year Exposition of the class








My end of study evaluation work, taken from the work of the US artist Edward Hopper. It was said in the Art Academy that copying great artists is best for learning, and so we did.




Image improved with Photoshop



To conclude the two years of preparative artwork in St. Lucas Academy I was asked to draw with pastel colours the above oil painting on canvas, called the “Italian Quarter”, by Edward Hopper, size 23 3/8 x 28 ¾ inches (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.) Bequest of Josephine N. Hopper. 70.1214. So  was my work evaluated together with all my artwork during the two years of evening classes, which led me to the certificate above. Tutors told us that as such is the best way to learn the art.


The Right to Answer

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I was faced with a “Spam” on email yesterday, Saturday November 23, 2013, and this is my right to answer.


Since my friends (not on Facebook luckily) received an email against my person, and what I have been doing all my life, with the many changes it involved (life is changing all the time), I want to put things right here too. Though I used the Assassins models in my comic drawings, it is not comparable with the playstation Ubisoft DVD, and the books as per attached. I drew all the pictures myself (see the sketches and the coloured work on Facebook), and they cannot be found in these books either. A copy is an exact reproduction, while my work is NOT. I used models but that's all, furthermore my artwork is not commercial and will never be, it is free-time occupation. It is for my own pleasure and contentment, spending my old age usefully. Furthermore, the person who wrote the email also added a private profile of mine on Recon, suggesting that he himself (and he is or was) also on Recon. Recon is a private website in search of friends for sentimental and sexual reasons. What's wrong with that among adults. The site stands among adults.) Hoping that this message clarifies the problem I was faced with yesterday. Anyway, I live today not yesterday in a rapid changing world, and I am deeply aware that man created God and not God man, generally accepted today, also the story of the Assassins. Believing in a deity was long ago a world-wide belief in all religions, but today religions meet their own death world-wide. Humanity has become intelligent and think for themselves. Copyright is everywhere different in the world, France, the remainder of Europe, US, Canada etc. After all what's wrong to take models from Internet, as they are there to grasp at, all over the place and in any position. This must settle things right once for all. In Belgium and surrounding countries relations and marriages between people of the same sex is lawful as long as nothing happens in public. Also, I never belonged to the Church of Satan, founded by Aton Lavey. I was accepted by someone in the Order of Nine Angles, in the US for which I published a number of books which were first typewritten for Temple use only. I also appreciate the work of Christos Beest (David Myatt), and Anton Long. Their material is not copyright, while many are misusing their work. “Dark Forces Words” was my first step out from Christianity which found its slow way to 2010. About my title of Grand Master, is because of the degree received by Pierre Phoebus in 1975 as an active member of “The Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren of the Rose + Cross”.

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The spam email a number of my friends received is not justified, others,  and this is one of them also use “The Assassins” as models in their own drawings, etc. The Assassins series is a game play and moving pictures mainly for play station use. They are not properly to be ranged among “comics” stories. The author of this sketch is Ladyjart. Ladyjart website: http://ladyjart.deviantart.com/

I am just guessing who my spam maker is, someone who knows my friends email addresses, mailing as he did in a way of revenge, for no reason at all.

The harassment (intimidation) has been forwarded to “prevention” officials in Belgium.

The Only Origin of my Title of Grand Master or Hierophant


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Filcosart Studio Gallery

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Nude. Woman from Saladin’s harem (fiction). Oil painting on canvas 50 x 60 cm. Signed Filcos (my nickname for artwork on Internet). Today, November 19, 2013, artwork is still drying waiting to be varnished when completely dry.



Artwork, Art Gallery, Oil painting

The artist at work


Artwork, Comics, Painting

A vampire on canvas, oil painting, 60 x 70 cm



Artwork, Cpmics, Painting

Prisoner visited on canvas oil painting 60 x 70 cm



Artwork, comics, oil painting

A vampire. On canvas, oil painting, size 60 x 70 cm



Artwork, Drawing, Comics

Human slave (vampirism) On paper with charcoal (50 x 60 cm)


Artwork, Oil painting, Comics

 Consented amusement among S/M friends. Comics Oil painting, size 60 x 70 cm.



Art, Drawing, Fiction, Vampirism

The Vampire Violonist making the burning candles dance. Oil on canvas. Size 60 x 70 cm. It was meant to become part of my living room, replacing an ugly painting inherited from my parents. (July 2013)


The Saladin Knights in the New Era (2014)


New comic in preparation


We all hold a philosophy.  We cannot avoid it.  Even if we are not quite sure how to put it in words, we all look at the world from a particular direction, through a certain window, from a certain set of assumptions about reality.  


Many of us, perhaps most of us, don’t give our philosophy much thought, let alone identify it with a name.  Our beliefs about reality have been with us too long; we don’t notice those parts of us that were formed long before our ability to remember. Like fiction, philosophy is very much speculated and has become part of fiction like the story developed in this book.


The Saladin knights who died long ago have as it were resurrected in our era which by occultists is called the New Age, or the Aquarian Age. Among us are the Undead Saladin knights because we called them forth from the collective consciousness in the form of archetypes. They start a new life among us, and settled themselves in Ghent and Bruges, as well as the surrounding castles, Laarne near Ghent.


Stars may burn out and continents may drift, but the experience of being Undead Saladin knight or god eternally presents us with the same intractable problems. We wonder where we came from and how we got here. We wonder about the world around us, and how it got here. We wonder why the environment that sustains us can so suddenly forsake us. One day it will be our turn to become an Undead God, “Those Who Have Risen.” The Undead rise everytime they are called forth from the collective consciousness.


"Man has a profound need to believe that the truth he perceives is rooted in the unchanging depths of the universe," writes Huston Smith in The Forgotten Truth,  "for were it not so, could truth be really important?  Yet how can he so believe when others see truth so differently?"


We live in a world with billions of others, and as we move together through a shared history, we all experience the sky as blue, babies as precious, and broken bones as painful.  We agree on many of the details, yet we rarely see the same big picture. Some believe reality to be created by a personal God (dualism), some believe it to be the manifestation of impersonal Spirit (idealism), and others believe it to be an arbitrary accident (materialism).


When we search for answers about the nature of reality, we can pick from any number of ready-made answers, or make up one of our own. Yet we don’t want to add another mere opinion to the mix. We want to have real and accurate truth in our possession, and not just because it is satisfying to be right. As William James observed, “The possession of true thoughts means everywhere the possession of invaluable instruments of action.” 


 In other words, truth is power. If you don’t have all the facts about a situation -– whether it's the speed limit on the road you're driving or the purpose of the life you're living -– then you can’t make sound judgments or decisions.  You cannot even act in your own best interests. Only when you understand the reality of a situation can you effectively deal with it. The more truth you are able to grasp, the more power you possess.


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Today’s New Age is goodwill to all, together with a staunch belief in the psychic possibilities of human beings, and as such in the resurrection of humanity, and that means  to love your fellowman whether Americans, Germans, Jewish, British, French, the Black race or Asiatics. Is this a too idealistic picture. No. In spite of war and separation, cruelty and of any kind of passions, and selfishness running as such wild, humanity is growing towards more understanding; In this picture Martial Art brings us together, in a bond of health and peace. The work of the men and women of goodwill is an education one.



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 To the Saladin Knight:

In this bare and ruined place of Africa lane in the surroundings of Ghent, the New Age is accentuated with the following qualities of the true serving disciple, and that is:

Sincerety, sensitivity, the development of psychic powers and polarization, mental polarization, detachment, impersonality, religious indifference, serenity, humility, metaphysical sense, perseverance, courage, and capacity to give from ourselves in service.

The Saladin Knight responding:

True, however, one thing that is oft overlooked by the disciple when he enters on the path of probation and service and starts his or her psychic development, is that the goal ahead of him is not in the first instance the completment of his own psychic development, but his equipment for service to humanity, and this I think I can share with you. Unless inner growth finds expression in world service, the human treads a dangerous road. This I have learned in passed ages since the Crusades.

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 Sultan Saladin and his knights where trained in the Sufi Brotherhood of Mohammed al-Ghazali (1058-1111) loved in Islam as well as in Christianity. They teach that all life is vibration and the result of vibration is form, dense or subtle, and ever subtler as ascension takes place. As the pulsating life progresses, its rate of vibration changes, and in this changing of vibration lies hid the secret of flying, of form-shattering and form building. The training and psychic development takes place in the Dhikr, in congregation as well as in private alone.



More to come see also previous pages for artwork


Knights, Saladin, Crusades, New Age


Fear not “Gentenaar” (citizen from Ghent), though I wear my traditional weapons I stand for harmlessness in this New Age.  And, what is it?


1.     Enter your brother’s heart and see his pain.


2.     Enter your brother’s mind and read his thoughts.


3.     Blend your brother’s soul and know him as he is.



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