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Self-portrait in aquarelle (size 60 x 70 cm) One of my first art achievements.


The Qur’an is a magnificent book that has been known for more fourteen centuries because of the matchlessness or inimitability, its essential icjāz (10:IV) to use the Quar’anic term. A clear strain runs through its message, and the intent is to permit everyone, Muslim or non-Muslim alike to understand the sacred scripture itself, even though most believers and others do not understand Arabic. Surah 109, “The Disbelievers” ,are recited by the Saladin knights at the Dampoort Sufi Brotherhood. These six verses were revealed after “Almsgiving” 107 and before the “Elephant” 105. They implicitly teach the believers to practice tolerance even with atheists and tell the world to treat non-Muslims with respect yet firm disavowal. This chapter forms the traditional Islamic answer to any suggestion of compromise.



Oil on a A4 Canvas (one of my first art achievements around 2004)




Distant studies in the Islamic Faith - the College dissolved afterwards.




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I also attended a one-year course every Saturday afternoon in Brussels on the Islamic Faith in general, also memorising a number of Surahs to enable me to say prayers five times a day. At the end of the study year, I pronounced my “Profession of Faith” as shown above. Unfortunately, due to my handicapped legs, I cannot attend “Prayers” among the Sufis or Mosques anymore, having to sit on a chair and not on the floor. Praying as others do, kneeling and bowing is real worship, and gives one an absolute good feeling. This is my opinion.


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This is at a Sufi Brotherhood Mosque at Dampoort in Ghent. The Saladin knights have chosen that particular mosque to perform their daily prayers, and participate at the Dhikr weekly assemblies, to keep themselves well-shaped spiritually in the light of the teaching of Mohammed al-Ghazali. They are at present reciting Surah 109, Al-Kâfiroûn (The Unbelievers). These six verses were revealed after “Almsgiving” 107 and before the “Elephant” 105. They implicitly teach the believers to practice tolerance even with atheists and tell the world to treat non-Muslims with respect yet firm disavowal. This chapter forms the traditional Islamic answer to any suggestion of compromise.



Surahs, Islam, Al-Kâfiroûn, Knights, Saladin, Fiction







Une Vie en la Proximité d’Allah


Biographie d’Abou Hamid Mohammed Al-Ghazali



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Knights, Saladin, Fiction, New Age

Christmas markets like this one in Ghent at St. James Church and further along to the Koormarkt and the Belfort is an occasion to meet people, and as such be a channel for service to mankind even locally. Seek to be a channel the more when you long to serve. End of year celebrations should be forces of light for all of us. Keep humble, sensitive to others even your enemies, and unmoved by circumstances. Cyber hate on one’s person should not stop anyone to do good, performing as such your most inner longings. To be truly effective, you should cultivate the attitude of being only a clear unobstructed channel, and you must not block that channel with your ideas and your physical plane activities. The knight is finding here some weapons used during the Crusades long ago. The illustration remembers us that we are in a multicultural society, ever accepted since the years sixty.


Knights, Fiction, Saladin, Ghent, History


The Saladin knights come to us from long ago, at the time of Sultan Saladin and the Knights Temple, today among us in our twenty-first century, the New Age of Aquarius. Everything is different from those days, and the Saladin knights have to get acquainted with our morals, habits, the different ways of thinking, as well when meeting good-will people, our World Servers. Here a Saladin knight is attacking a gay-man gently cruising the Saladin knight. Not knowing our laws, he wanted to kill him, but finally refrained to do so. He had some doubts about his own action. Finally he had a good conversation with the man he wanted to kill. Here in the Flanders, as in many other countries we are all alike, straight and gay people.



Knights, Saladins, History, Fiction, Ghent


 Blaarenmeersen is a large recreation domain of Ghent for relaxation and sports. The physical disciplines are of great value at any stage of life, however with a sense of proportion and awareness of possible defects of limitations. Sports have their place in time and space, and that is all. The true disciple does not need vegetarianism or any of the physical disciplines for the reason that none of the fleshly appetites have control over him. Man’s problem lies elsewhere. However, it is known that the vegetable kingdom is the transmitter and the transformer of th vital pranics fluid to the other forms of life on planet Earth. Nonetheless, the goal of a vegetable diet lies also in the field of service, good and healthy food. No set of diet could be entirely correct for everyone, as each one is different. We are all unlike, and at various ages. Good food as diet, each person must find this out for himself. Whether in sports, eating, work and sleeping, etc. temperance should be in all things, respecting the hallmark of discipline. The Saladin knights are enjoying sports at Blaarenmeersen.



Knights, Islam, History, Fiction, Saladin



Two Saladin knights walking about in St. Bavo Cathedral in Ghent. During the Reformation around 1500 the cathedral came into the hands of the Protestants for about nine years. There was in the city also a Protestant University at that time. After it went back to the Catholics. In this New Era church attendance decreases rapidly, scarcely a few people attend church services nowadays. Two Saladin knights visiting the cathedral, and are saying between themselves: “The building could be taken over by the Muslims, as the building will be more than full for Friday Prayer and Ramadan, and even during the week for Salat. Will they succeed!



Knights, Saladin, Fiction, History, Ghent



 In the New Era in which we now live, the proper recognition of the place of sex plays a great part in daily life. Here is both the woman and the man attracted by the handsome Saladin knight. The solution of each one’s sex life in the New Era can never be found through religious pronouncements, based on an outworn theory, or through physiological inhibition or legalized license, neither through legislation, inspired by various schools of thought in any community or nation. Sound sexuality between man and woman or people of the same sex together can only be the result of united activity of the spiritually minded consciousness. The belief that to be a devotee of some kind of deity necessitates a celibate life and complete abstinence from all natural functions, is wrong and even undesirable.


Art, fiction, history, knighthood, new age


Two men dressed in black are ready to torture a young man for pleasure. Suddenly, a Saladin knight appears from the air to intervene, and prevent the harmful action. The Saladin knight knows precisely what is right and wrong, he belongs to the world of the Undead knights and gods, “Those Who Have Risen”. The reaction of the armed knight is unexpected. In history and mythology, long ago, an aged king was put to death to give way to a new king. At the other hand, and at all times as everywhere man’s intense desire and determination is to destroy death and “put on immortality”, finding as it were expression in this practice, how untrue it may sound. Christianity to formulate their doctrine at the Council of Nicaea used the same practice of sacrifice in their teaching and biblical exposition for Jesus of Nazareth, that one should die for all, past, present and future. The Last Supper, or Holy Eucharist is a remembrance to this practice, that it is necessary that one should die for all.  In our sacred literature inherited from the Jews and given into interpretation in Christianity, this ritual is predominant and affords an illuminating example of the nature and the function of myth and ritual in giving stability to faith and practice.


Knights, Ghent, History, Fiction, Islam



You are not pleasing me with your sacrificial ritual as homage to myself. Sacrifice for the good of humanity in this new era is to be a real channel for the life of the “Higher Self Within” (soul) through serving humanity. Sacrifice is helping others through standing in spiritual being, as we are all psychic beings. And, that means, engaging oneself into those activities which, en masse, work out as philanthropic endeavour, as educational experiments, or social efforts in the life of the community.  This is what the Knights Templar came to achieve as domestics among the Islamic people during the Crusades, to learn our skills in order to serve  in a better way among the Europeans. We, the Saladin knights are the masters who are able to pour through the personalities the necessary forces, and vision as well as the sense of power which will enable to cooperate correctly as world servers, and this unselfishly.


Knights, Fiction, Art, Saladin, Ghent


The Backstage Bar was founded by a mate of us Roland, who died young many years ago. He had aids. The illness was at its beginning, and at that time doctors had no appropriate medicines to stop aids getting any further. When he started his business black leather also appeared in the nightlife and S/M was practiced in black rooms from soft to hard. The Bar is situated at Patershol, near the House of Alijn, at the Oudburg. The two well-dressed men in black, found an alternative to molest the young man for fun and in full agreement. He was led to the Backstage Bar as safer place to be as it were sacrificed. Sexual practices were very restricted at that time of Roland’s life. The New Age gradually changes those old ideas of our fathers, because of religion gradually disappearing. Religion is of no use anymore. All is growth as it is cyclic, and humanity progresses from step to step in spiral fashion, and is as such evolving. The peoples of the world today are divided in four groups, from the angle of Those Who are seeking to guide humanity into this New Age. The four main divisions are as follow: (1) The ignorant masses, through poverty, unemployment illiteracy, hunger, distress and no leisure or means for cultural advantages. They are in an inflamed condition. (2) The middle classes, so called, both higher and lower. These are the bulk of the nations, the bourgeoisie (intelligent, diligent, enquiring, narrow-minded, essentially religious, though frequently repudiating the forms of religion.) (3) The thinkers of the world. These are the intelligent and highly educated men and women, who sense ideas and formulate them into ideals. (4) The New Group of the Saladin Disciples and Servers. They are the people who are at the start to form a new social order in the world as achieved today. They recognise all parties, all creeds, and all social and economic organization and governments. They are found everywhere.



Knights, New Age, Saladin, Islam, History, Fiction




The Sultan Saladin knights have now made their entry in the West, and landed in Ghent, Flanders, from far in history during the crusades. They are the “Undead Gods” among us, “Those Who Have Risen”. They have come to us with a call to World Unity, brotherhood in its true sense, and service. They also bring to us the age-old skills as telepathic interplay, first of all between the “Undead” and ourselves. Great Masters of Wisdom, they are working at the elimination of the non-essentials among the humans as religion which serve to separate thoughts of men and bring about division on the physical plane. They are among us to lay the true emphasis upon the fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom, the manifestation of a true understanding, the bringing about of at-one-ment with the “Higher Self Within”, the recognition of those who belong to the group of world Saviours. Saving our planet is the immediate work to be done, and this must engross our attention. This call to service usually meets with a response, but that response is coloured by the personality of the aspirant and adept, always tinctured with pride and ambition.


Knights, Saladin, Ghent, History, Fiction


At the “Backstage Bar” in the black room. Previous centuries as well as in ancient times, homosexuality has been the main problem for Abrahamic religious leaders, psychologists, and in a lesser degree to the medical man. Homosexuality touches male and female. Today as a true sign of the New Age and in many parts of the world homosexuality is accepted with the same facilities as for straight people. In many other countries, homosexual men and women are imprisoned and even put to death, which is not humanitarian and against free will. This is in the first place due to the narrowness of religion, for not to say religious hypocrisy. Child abuse is well-known in Roman Catholicism. In one way or another the sexual life is important not only to procreate, but for health reasons and relaxation as well. Sexuality is important   also as a way to give to the human the possibility to transmute the lower impulses into higher. Sex is energy, a force when rightly directed and properly controlled is the great transmuting agency, which eventually makes of the human individually, as well as collectively, a Master of Wisdom, a Lord of Love, a Dragon of Wisdom even in a lesser degree. We are all governed by the cosmic law of attraction (not religion).



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 The punks, mostly young people are everywhere present in the Western World, while they also firstly appeared in comic strips. They are also present in Ghent and have their small café’s around and in “Patershol”. They often live in abandoned accommodations. In Ghent too, there are a number of passes and areas where graffiti is authorised. These two punks find themselves in one of those areas for graffiti. Punks mostly interact with one another in these local areas and abandoned buildings, forming a punk scene. In dozens of countries worldwide, almost all major cities, many medium-sized cities, and a few small towns have such scenes. Several local punk scenes with close ties to one another form a regional scene. The worldwide punk community may sometimes be called the punk scene.


Those who are in preparation for initiation at the Master Saladin’s feet in meditation, must learn to work consciously with illusion; they must work effectively with the truth presented in the age-old teaching, ignoring any pain, suffering or mental questioning which is incident to personality rebellion as these punks are rebellious. They must cultivate “psychic indifference” to personal considerations which is the outstanding hallmark of the trained initiate.


The psychic body of ours, the “Higher Self” stands free, unattached and unafraid even to the physical body being only an instrument, and not controlled by that which exists in the three worlds. This is the psychic or spiritual indifference.


The punks are stimulated by their musick. Certain sounds shatter and break, Certain other sounds stimulate and attract. When the key of a man’s life is known, when the sound he responds to is recognised, then comes the possibility of the utilisation of sound in refinement. All that is at present possible to those among us who seek to serve, is to attend to the essentials of musick and seek as such to contact with high vibrations as with “Agios O Saladin”; or any other deity from the “Tree of Wyrd.” Above all the vibrations of the Tree of Wyrd.” Download the following manuscript:




 Ebook in Preparation

This is a second work along the Sultan Saladin Knights in the New Era, the Age of Aquarius in which we are in for another thousand years. The book is in preparation and will be complete near about the end of the year 2014. The work is historical, psychological, but also fictional as to the illustrated part of the book. It is instructive and at the same time amusing. It is a comic book as well. The book brings forward the inspirational artwork of the author in both text and illustration. The sketches can all be seen on the author’s Facebook. It is copyright and non-commercial.






Vampirism, Occultism, Fiction, History, Knights


The Magic Mirror, calling forth the Undead


Saladin Knights







Happy New Year 2014 to each and everyone of you. As you may read from the above Ebook (PDF), I have been attacked by two "Cyber Hate" criminals; one has been a friend since 1995, and the other entirely unknown to me. The ex-friend of mine (commander in this hate affair)  used the stranger (executor) to harm my honorability among my most closest friends. This should not happen again. They brought my most private life to the public too. Why? I don't know. In 2014, let us completely ignore them, and let us constitute our field of service only for the good of humanity. And, as we do this, let not time slip by. We should practice harmlessness at all times. In this way let our vision expand, and our power to think and reflect even abstractly, and may we always grow psychically (mentally), as this is my hope and sincere wish for 2014.


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