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The Grand Master Algar can be called forth through different channels, through pathworking as describes the book “Naos – Practical Guide to Modern  Magick”, through meditation in contemplation on his picture, entering as such in his archetypal consciousness. You should not feel entering into a foreign element or a foreign person, but that you are entering into your own highest part, your true self. The Roman Catholic Church in Paris has a kind of saint that has never existed. A Catholic Parish needed a relic for an altar from the Vatican in Rome. A relic was mailed without information around the relic, registered and per express. The box was endorsed with “Expedite” (registered) in Italian. So the addressed in Paris thought that they were receiving a relic from Saint Expedite. The church location had become a pilgrim place to Saint Expedite where it is said miracles are taking place even today. Saint Expedite is also found on the Liturgical Calendar of the Church, and masses are celebrated.


In the Grand Master Algar you have a mother and a father, you have a husband and a wife, you have children, and there is now one more person in your family. Feel that there is someone who is your own – not only for this life but also for your archetypal life in the Collective Consciousness every time you are remembered. If you feel your oneness with Master Algar, you will feel that he is not a foreigner, but a member of your family, and your consciousness with be united with his.  When you meditate in front of this picture, like you would do in front of a Buddha effigy, Sri Krishna, Lord Shiva or Goddess Kali, etc, you will feel meditating in front of a archetypal Guru.


So when you meditate and sing on Master Algar’s picture, do not think of it as a picture of a human and physical being. Think of the achievement and the consciousness that the picture represents. Grand Master Algar represents someone who has attained oneness with the Collective and Cosmic Consciousness. If someone concentrates on Algar’s picture with reason and intent, he or she will be helped. Serving mankind is his reason as “Undead Warrior” among “Those Who Have Risen.”




Ghent, Saladin, History, Fiction, Comic, Knights


Knights, Saladin, History, Fiction,Ghent, Psychology



Sketch to be coloured. This is the “Normaal School straat” (Normal School street) at the Heuvelpoort (Mountain Gate) in Ghent, the student area for entertainment and residence. Students need relaxation as part of the mental and physical strength. After the lectures and study they need relaxation through entertainment to return to greater force for a more potent vibration to its habitation, the threefold personality. This and sports is the right relaxation and much a part of service to be rendered. The steady, unbroken, inner push, carried forward through right organisation of the outer factors of time and physical strength, is essential. Stand, therefore, on this belief, and relax and play at times.



Ghent, Bars, History, Fiction, Amusement

Normaal School straat


Heuvelpoort connecting with Normaal Schoolstraat en Overpoort

Ghent, history, fiction, knights


University area, lodging and student  recreation bars and dancings



Ghent, Knights, History, Fiction, Art, Photography

Art, History, Ghent, Fiction, Gays


Ghent, Gay, Art, History, Fiction

Ghent, History, Fiction, Gay


Casa Rosa – Ghent federation for gay people, meeting place for gay men and women. They also have a café for chat. There are among us – men and women who may be slaves to their passions but they are humans to be respected. Some are psychically summoned to worship the partner one towards another. Ben and Robbie are two such men, they love each other.


Personals, Artwork, Drawings, Sketches


This is a drawing with pastel as I think my good friend Nico is. Yes, he is my good friend since I met him first sometime in 2004, at the corner of my road Parklaan and Fortlaan. He stopped his car and came right to me. I thought I was going to be attacked, but that was not the case. Ever since I met him with its ups and downs. A few weeks later he was accepted to come to my penthouse on the seventh floor, he second home. I met him at his most difficult time in his life, but never wanted to talk about his difficulties, unless of what I gathered from time to time. A good professional as he is, he changed four times from job. He had four cars (I think). He lives in Lokeren about thirty km from Ghent. Knowing more or less about his difficulties, I accepted him all the way through in my home, and made him feel at home. He has always been on and off. At the moment off, and I do not know the reason at all. He always had anything he wanted, even a steak with chips at midnight. Lots of beers, etc and leaving early morning after a waking night in front of TV or computer. Now he disappeared again, maybe for no reason at all. I know he does not realise how painful this is for me. What happened to him since he sent me a message from his mobile, writing: “I am getting nuts” (ik word zot), two weeks ago. However, one day he will wake me up at the middle of night, making slow approaches to come back, again not for long. I always give him first class service. Maybe he realises it. Thank you Nico, I like you very much anyway.



Graffiti, artwork, Saladin, Knights, Ghent, History, Fiction


 This is my first graffiti drawing ever. I used cheap gouache to do this on a A4 format, and digitally finished with the robot effigy of my friend who suddenly disappeared from the surface. He is coming back as it is not his first attempt.

 Visiting Ghent in this New Era is never ending, walking about one discovers always something new and refreshing for the eyes and even taste. This is a graffiti artwork somewhere on a deserted place for you to find out. Someone had the idea to hang a poster on this beautiful graffiti. In fact, the person is at the moment the most wanted, who suddenly disappeared without saying one word. Would you act like that? I doubt. Friends are there to help when one is in need, and this in word and deeds.


Knights, Ghent, History, Fiction, Saladin

Ghent, History, Fiction, Knight


St. Denijslaan at St. Pieter Station, behind the large and high walls of the railway, prostitutes are waiting for their possible clients arriving from whatever destination to Ghent. In the same road along the station one finds a lot of café’s also a gay-bar, and at the beginning of the Voskenslaan, there is an hotel where girls for pleasure can go with their clients.

Art, Knights, History, Fiction, Ghent

Ghent, History, Fiction, Art


By Lucy (Bij Lucy). I call it an underground bar or café, as most of the time it is not opened during the day, but at night until day time early or late morning. Working class people going or returning from work are the usual clients. It is attended also by people with a social problem, trying to forget everything by drinking and do not eat or just a snack. Lucy is now a old woman. Many years ago, I visited the bar, and it has not changed since.  However, one important thing to remember about alcohol is that it is an authorised drug, known as alcoholism and people who consume overdoses of it are called alcoholics. If alcohol is authorized why not cannabis, commonly called “weeds”, and between consumers “green soup.” However, drinking and smoking weeds (or both together) help to solve problems, and to have a good time. It also makes you “high” and happy. Drinking or smoking is cool, and it keeps you warm when it is cold. It is fine to drink or share a joint in company. Uncontrolled drinking and smoking joints may have negative effects. Drink and smoke a joint to feel really good without ill-feeling, that’s the start.

Knights, Gent, History, Fiction, Art,



Knights, History, Fiction, Ghent, Art

To be coloured


Two warriors from different ages are meeting in the Citadel Park in Ghent, Flanders. The one is an “Undead Knight”, belonging to “Those Who Have Risen”, and the other a skinhead among us. Both have different views, while not all skinheads are racists. We meet also musical and gay skinheads, as well as those of the beginning in the years sixty young people of the working class. All of them agree that, they must occupy themselves even increasingly with right understanding, right designation and right definition, developing as such scientific knowledge, morality and goodwill among all. We can all do this, even without government.



Ghent, Citadel Park, Art, Photography

Spot where I usually sit in Citadel Park to relax and meditate


Ghent, Citadel Park,

Spot where I usually sit in Citadel Park to relax and meditate


Ghent, Citadel Park, history

Who is appearing! (fiction)




In the frame of my new Ebook in preparation the Saladin Knights in the New Age, the Undead, “Those Who Have Risen” present in Ghent (Flanders) at the opening of the New Era Aquarius (fiction), the beautiful Citadel Park is plainly shown here. Dangerous at night, but a walk at the Full Moon is very beneficial, walking along while meditating to Mother Moon for twenty minutes while contemplating her. And, at the end you express your wishes to Mother Moon. As I say, the night of the Full Moon is especially dangerous. I ever experienced two attacks on me, but wonderfully protected by our Mother, may it be Lilith, or just Mother Moon as the myth brings it forward to you. Apologising for the noise around the park as heavy traffic on the roads along it. I could not avoid it, and it would have been e shame to replace it by music.


© February 2014 – Filcosart, Ghent, Belgium


Art, Deviart, Skinheads, Ghent

Knights, Skinheads, Ghent, Graffiti, Art, Comics


Two skinheads visiting the ruins of an abandoned factory in the outskirts of Ghent where once graffiti were drawn and painted. They seem to enjoy themselves there. Skinheads are our visible knights and warriors while the Saladin knights, the Undead, are the invisible once present in Ghent. They are dictating the visible warriors what they should do, but they are not always heard. As we know they can be called fort at any time through rituals and meditation from the collective consciousness. They are archetypes.


Ghent, Art, Deviart, Knights, Skinheads.



The two skinheads find themselves within those walls and property. The location is “Tweebruggenstraat” in Ghent. I do not know whether the premises are still open for the public.  


 Please visit previous rooms as well, and enjoy.


 Artistic Photography


Skinheads, Art, Photography, Gay cigars

Art, Photography, Skinhead, Gay cigars

Art, Photography


This is my most mischievous photography ever taken in April 2010.


Photography, Art


Every year at the beginning in January I shoot some new profile photographs of myself for the purpose of using them on Internet. Every year I am getting older, and that cannot be hidden. It is not right to load on Internet with pictures taken ten years ago. That is not right especially when one publishes on “Personals”, as this is nowadays the way to make acquaintance with partners. So, this is how I am today. The beautiful, large, artistic bedspread or even towel is a present given to me at Christmas 2013. I thought, I might use it for photograph purpose as well, different from leather items as usually wear for the purpose of filming. An artist is creative, and there is nothing wrong with that Thomas and Walter, my cyber haters. Watch out for what I have in store for the coming months.




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