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Ghent, Fiction, History, Knights


Opposite the church is the Bibliotheekstraat where at the left you find a nice graffiti artwork but also a chapel totally in ruin. The monument is since ages no longer in use as cult place, but when I was young it belonged to an education place the Athenaeum School where I was once for one year a student and studied Latin. The chapel was used as a place for art and handwork or craft. A very cold place in winter, but the tower of the chapel attracted many students also myself during lunch-time. In the next panel of mine, you will see what we did. If trapped, we got a severe punishment because very dangerous, but quite amusing.




Bibliotheekstraat in Gent at the chapel in ruin



At the street side, the chapel in ruin


View on the chapel with its famous  and dangerous tower



Saint Jacobs Church at the right


Ghent, Punks, Graffiti Ghent, Fiction, Tourism


These punks are at the July Festival in Ghent. At the moment they are just bored, they spent all their money, and the girls are gone their own way. Now, they spend their time talking to each other while leaning against the old wall somewhere around Saint Jacobs Church. They do not speak of ideals and dreams but of boredom. They remember the stories told of the year’s 1960’s, when the hippie dream was dying and the socialist utopias were as boring as the ideologies of the law, order and welfare states. Punk’s celebration of nihilism and chaos was something that the old school disciplined left wings intellectuals, with too thick glasses, or the committed green hippies, with too long hair, could never accept or understand. According to them, punks lacked political stance and positive political goals. Anyway, punks are beautiful people. They know what freedom is.


Ghent Graffiti, Graffiti, Punks

 From a Punk Artist at St. Lucas Art Academy


Ghent, Graffiti, Punk, Tourisme, History, Fiction

Another Graffiti Artwork from a punk (could not open website for more details.)


Ghent, St.Pieters Station, Punk, History, Fiction

A punk waiting on the platform of Railway station


Ghent Punk artist, Ghent, Punk


A Punk musician from Ghent


Ghent, Skinheads, Fiction


The skinheads and punks are in Flanders the Knights of the New Age under the invisible leadership of the Saladin Knights, “Those Who Have Risen”, let us once again remember. They are all our Elder Brothers. To become a, Elder Brother there are three requirements, firstly oneness with the Flemish people. They are our guardians. Second requirement, is that they are telepathically sensitive in two directions and at will. And, that is they should always communicate with the Saladin knights and the Flemish people at the same time. Thirdly, in communion with the Saladin Knights, they should always elevating themselves the way they are, in the capacity for abstract or synthetic thought. Unfortunately among humans, and also among the knights of the New Age, this is not always the case. Here, the skinhead is urinating on forbidden premises, even if it is an abandoned propriety. During the Ghent Festival of July special toilet facilities are placed almost everywhere in the centre of the City of Ghent, but men are more fortunate than women. For women only three locations are noted, and often not known. Hereby, a few examples of those facilities for men, while women are protesting against lack of facilities for them. Wild urinating is fined with 60 Euros.




Women protesting for lack of public toilets for them in the City of Ghent



Women using men's facility



Wild urinating forbidden


Proper toilets for women and men


Men's facilities at the July Ghent Festival



Enjoy drinking, and  ..... remember ....


Penalty 60 Euros for wild urinating

Knights, Skinheads, Ghent, Slums


Forsaken. Tossed out by drinking beers. Lost in the nowhere of Ghent. These men have reached the end of the alleyway, a dead end of the July Ghent Festival. Here, although the ruins it is a nice spot to play about and have fun. In fact skinheads enjoy those surroundings. This is just what they needed anyway.




Slums in Ghent somewhere not worth visiting, but an appropriate location for skinheads to play about and have fun after a lot of beers.


Martial Art, Fighters, Ghent


This is a fight not for real at the “Nieuwe Wandeling” (New Promenade) Park in Ghent. You have seen  the professional boxers defend punches, but do you need to learn the same complicated moves? Ninety percent of people are right handed, so in a street fight there is a high possibility that you will be facing wild right hands that are dangerous if you do not know basic punch defence against a street brawler. Luckily, you do not have to learn complicated boxing moves to defend yourself.. Your attacker will not know what hit him! This is total SHOCK and AWE. The beauty of this technique lies in it’s simplicity. It will work against a range of punches, right handed or left handed, it does not  really matter. The TRUTH of the matter is that almost all fights end up on the ground. If you are not PREPARED to take control in this situation then you will find it very hard to end a fight on the street. Remember, a street fight does not always go your way. Myself I have been attacked three times in the street where I live, and ended on the ground, but the adversary could never rob me. My strength was my crying loud. The adversary fled.


Ghent, Fighters, Martial Arts

Park at the Nieuwe Wandeling (New Promenade)

Gent, Prison, Nieuwe Wandeling

At the left of the park is the prison


Overview of the prison with park and the Nieuwe Wandeling


Better overview of the prison at Nieuwe Wandeling, Ghent.


Ghent, Knights, Skinheads


Skinheads in the New Age is more than ever a way of life, a culture one truly lives by. It is a true family of brothers and sisters that spans the globe. It is about having pride in the way one looks; it is also about working for living, earning everything one can get. The skinheads and punks are a second family we have with mates of both sexes on the street, which is  about being true to each other values as the solemn honour code. It is the truest culture because one is talking about the real people, the working people, the poor people, the Anarchists. To outsiders, we represent the scum of the earth, but we know much better. We know that we are the part of the greatest youth cult and other (we do not stay young) of all time, and nobody can ever take that away from us. The world is against us we know too well, but they should know, the world does not stand a chance. 


Ghent, picnic

Authorised spot for barbecue


Ghent, Knights, Skinheads

 The two skinheads met here, where it is free to cook, eat and go in the bushes, situated at the Zuiderlaan, the prologation of the Watersportbaan.



This is a beautiful scenery at the Zuiderlaan/Watersportbaan.


Ghent, History, Fiction, knights


This man, a railway worker it seems, has been accepted by the Saladin knights in Ghent as their first visible neophyte, becoming in due time a Flemish Saladin knight. From there, a distinction will be made between the Saladin knights, the undead, “Those Who Have Risen” as part of the “Collective Unconsciousness”. They are present, can be called forth, but remain unseen, unless one’s “Third Eye” (Anja Center) is developed. The Third Eye is opened through meditation and the power of visualization. The Third Eye links the awakened physical plane man with the psychic world or better the subjective world, enabling him to function consciously there. The Third Eye is also the window of the Ego or “Higher Self” (soul) functioning on the physical plane whereby he looks inwardly in three worlds metaphysically. It is also called the “Eye of Shiva” in the human being, and its position is in the forehead between the two physical eyes, and it becomes in any degree active. When the Third Eye is used, which is the case in contemplation, it is the synthesizer and director of the triple energy; hence the powerful work performed by those in whom it is functioning. So, lately, I could trace with precision where a friend of mine since 2004, meet other friends as well in my neighbourhood. Though a friend of the house, he kept his private life in complete secrecy from me. Without much effort I found his friend’s locations. My friend became dangerously upset, and I have not seen him ever since. The problem, he keeps a lot of secrets to his other friends as well. In a few words, the Third Eye, is the eye of inner vision, and he who has opened it can direct and control the energy of matter, ans see all things in the eternal now.

 The Science of Meditation is associated in the minds of men with or without religious belief and matters. Meditation is not exclusively related to religion as most people think or religious leaders confirm. The science of meditation (yoga of meditation) can be applied to every possible life process. Do not be misled by religious leaders and their fantasies, meditation is a technique of the mind which eventually produces correct, unimpeded relationship. This is another name for alignment. This is the path to be trodden by one and all, and the method is nothing else but meditation.



This is the Railway bridge at the outskirts of Gent, the Beukenlaan, your way to St. Martens-Latem




The Railway bridge seen from far. 

Ghent, Knights, Fiction, History, Meditation

Ghent, Knights, Fiction, History, Meditation

This is a general view on Snepkaai, just before the Railway bridge


Ghent, Knights, Fiction, History, Meditation


 This is the Snep passage for walkers


Over the river, back entry to Blaarenmeersen, the beach is a long way from there.


Cafetaria at the Snepkaai on a sunny sunday afternoon



The small port at Snepkaai

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Extra on Show – Not my Artwork


This is a second hand bedroom I bought some forty years ago, a genuine Art Deco style. Meanwhile, the sleeping facility has been modernised. The photographs are not published for the sake of the furniture but for the painting behind the bed, my two ladies and guardian angels as it is said. Somebody found it beautiful, and I thought "Yes, it is beautiful", so that's why it is on show here. The artist is unknown to me. Maybe, his or her name is somewhere on the furniture, I don't really know. Enjoy my two ladies, they are very inviting. Don’t you think?


Furniture, Art

Painting, Art

Skinheads, Anarchism

The young man must be an Anarchist!

True Anarchism is pacific and non-political



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Filcosart Studio Gallery (Room Four)


Anarchisn, Psychology, History


I challenge every thinker of the world, and every man and woman everywhere to drop at once their sectarianism, their nationalism, and their partisanship and in a spirit of true brotherhood to work wherever they are in their particular nation, regarding it as an integral part of a greater world nation.

 Anarchism realises this brotherhood. It is a political philosophy that is shrouded in misconception. This is largely due to the fact that anarchism is a truly diverse way of thinking, one which cannot be characterized by simple slogans or party lines. In fact, if you ask a dozen of anarchists for their description of anarchism, you are likely to get twelve different answers. Anarchism is more than just a political philosophy; it is a way of life that encompasses political, pragmatic and personal aspects.





We continue our historical account "The Saladin Knights in the New Age", which is also fictional in the second part.


Ghent, Knights, Deviart,Fiction, History

Panel used in our comic Ebook, "The Saladin Knights in the New Age.

Comment on the Sequence

 This man is one of the Black Knights in Ghent. He does not belong to the skinheads or to the punks communities, and even less to the Saladin Knights. They are most dangerous and do not belong to the group of New World Servers as we know them today and are active. This Black Knight influences the ignorant masses. These people, through poverty, lack of employment, illiteracy, hunger, distress and no leisure or means for cultural advantages are in an inflamed condition. They are developed just enough to respond to the mental control and suggestion of slightly more advanced people. The Black Knights control them by hatred and fear, and so arouse them to action by their emotional appeals. Like in the last world war the German masses fought and died on the urge of inflammatory speeches and seldom know what it is all about. Their condition must be bettered but in no wise through bloodshed and exploitation. However, one must remember that to create a new world, one must first destroy before proceeding to restoration. This is not achieved through bloodshed and exploitation, but through the “Power of the Word.” Group work involves sacrifice, and oft the doing of that which might not be preferred, and which might not – from the personality angle – be the easier way out and the easier activity.


To avoid misunderstanding, I falsified the Swastika symbol not to create any confusion. This is NOT a proper Swastika. Remember that this sign normally belongs to the Hindu religion and is sacred just taken over by German politics during war-time. Also remember that the white race is not the Aryan race. Only Indians belong to the Aryan race as described in the Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse two (my own translation but as found in any other translation from the Sanskrit):

sri-bhagavan uvaca
kutas tva kasmalam idam  visame samupasthitam
anarya-justam asvargyam  akirti-karam Arjuna (2.02)

 sri-bhagavan uvaca -- the Supreme Lord said; kutah – whence, wherefrom; tva – upon you, unto you; kasmalam -- dejection; idam -- this; visame – in perilous strait, in this hour of crisis; samupasthitam – comes, arrived; anarya -- persons who do not know the value of life; justam -- practiced by; anaryajustam – unworthy (unaryanlike); asvargyam -- which does not lead to higher realms, spheres, heaven excluding; akirti -- infamy; akirti -- the cause of; akirtiakirti – disgraceful; arjuna -- O Arjuna.


The Supreme Lord said: From where has this dejection come into your mind in this perilous hour? This is unknown to an Aryan, not leading to heaven but causing disgrace, O Arjuna. (2.02)



Ghent, Knights, History, Fiction


This is the location where the Black Knight finds himself at the moment, inside the Castle of the Counts, in Ghent, Flanders.


Knight; Ghent, Tourism, Comics, History, Art

Ghent, Deviart, History, Knights


This is what you may see in Ghent, during the July feasts in the city, called “Gentse Feesten”. This  panel is part of the problem of sex. Why problem? Is there a problem? There are no problems. The problem makers are the religious authorities, and its moral principles on which our civilizations were and are based, the rules and customs which were formerly taken for granted and accepted (even if not always consistently) applied. In this New Era of Aquarius the religious and moral principles are rapidly losing their prestige, so much that parish churches are closing down. Today’s Western and thinking world among young and old are no longer accepting theological and moral conceptions of the past. They are violently revolting against the Abrahamic Faiths as a whole even in the Islam founded six centuries after Christianity. Their strict rules no longer avail among intelligent and thinking people, except among the poor finding shelter under the false hopes of religion. So, in the past, in the sexual domain an attitude prevailed which led public opinion in regard to the biological instincts and the human passions as being bad and impure. The Western world is thinking differently nowadays, where sex also means enjoyment. Sexuality can be defined in three ways: (1) A sexual aspect: physical pleasure. (2) An emotional aspect: union with another person or persons. (3) A creative aspect: the birth of a new creature. The transmutation and sublimation of the sexual energies and also of the drives as this S/M happening, should be more widely known and appreciated, and its ways and means should more freely be brought in operation, and even extensively applied in psychotherapy, education, and self-realisation.


Ghent, Knight, History, Folklore

This is one of the many aspects of the "Gentse Feesten" in July around the 21st. Ghent is usually crowded that full week. Everything is almost possible, above all drinking and eating.


Ghent, History, Saladin, Knights, Comic, Devianart


So far, fun was the theme of a day at the July feasts in Ghent, now it is after dark early morning. They are drunken, the one more than the other. During the night they mingled with each other over drinks and danced the night away under the infectious beats dropped by turntables in the city of Ghent. However, to everything there is an end how it may be.


Ghent, History,Feesten, Comics

Before after dark party

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your own Tarot Game


Filcosart Gallery Rooms on my blog is all about my artwork, mostly devianart with various watercolours (colour liquids, aquarelle, and gouache) but also oil paintings on canvas and pastel. Besides, I also like to give tips as to draw your own Tarot cards for visualization and spread. The Ebook below gives you all the instructions how you can draw your own Tarot cards, whether the Major Arcane or the whole game of 78 cards. You find also lots of information on my Facebook at the album “Drawing Comics”.




Ghent; Ghent Festival 2014; Strips, comics

Ghent, Ghent Festival,


This is the area at Sint Jacobs Church in Ghent at the right (not viewed on the picture). Opposite, it used to be the Church of England building, as I am old enough to know. After, it was hired by a Pentecostal Church, and today an antique gallery. During the “Gentse Feesten”, I did like to come here early in the morning round about 05.00 a.m, for the “After Party.” It was fun, fun, fun, full liberation.


Ghent, Ghent Festivities, History, Fiction

Ghent, Ghent Festivities, History, Knights


The incident happened in Steendam an adjacent street at St. Jacobs Church just outside the zone of the Ghent Festivities. The victim was stabbed with a knife... The perpetrator was arrested, said the local police. The stabbed person was a 35 year-old doorkeeper and perilously injured was taken immediately to the hospital. The man was twice stabbed in the kidney. The incident happened at 04.20 pm at the Café Central, about one-hundred meters from the town hall of Ghent. The doorman was with a colleague after their shift having beverage. The other person, a lady became involved in a fight between a group of young people from Lokeren and a girl. The doorman intervened on behalf of the girl. We have found the pictures of the stabber; one is his profile and the other as shown here. Where are the Saladin knights in all this? And what are they doing, we will see next soon.


Knights, Saladin, History, Fiction, Ghent


The Saladin knights are the silent watchers over the City of Ghent and Flanders, they are the forces of enlightenment and are mostly awakened when something dreadful happens as the bloody attack at the Steendam the other day. Those knights stand for the correct values, correct speech, the mode of living away from the Abrahamic faiths, correct thinking and aspiration, correct conduct and effort, and right rapture or true happiness. They are anarchist as well, a world without government as such. The City of Ghent is under their protection.



Saladin knights, history, fiction, occultism


Ghent, knights, history, fiction, psychology

Ghent, cartoon, history, gay people, fiction


Two young men meet at the Ghent Festivities, and they seem already to be in love with each other. They are of good cheer, for there is no defeat of the human mind; there is no final extinction of the Higher Self in man, for it always rises triumphantly. Man has a body but is not the body. There is no power on Earth which can prevent the love between two men, two women, man and woman as  such they are destined, and no combination of powers can hold them back. And, all together we can blindly fight for freedom and for understanding, and receiving ever the inner assurance that the Saladin knights, “Those Who Have Risen” will help men and women of goodwill to express the power of this New Age of Aquarius on planet Earth.


Ghent, history, knights, saladin, psychology

Ghent, Heusden,

Ghent, Heusden


Between “De Leeuw” and the village Heusden, is de Heusdenbaan, where the Café-Restaurant is located. The author going to school and later to his work passed the location by every day until he definitely left his parent’s home (the years 60). The two friends were at the July Festival in Ghent, but they wanted to enjoy the outskirts of Ghent and made their way to Heusden.



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