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Anarchism, Ghent, Skinheads, History


Het boek “Skinhead Anarchisme in 2014” door Philippe L. De Coster, is nu in voorbereiding, en verschijnt binnen enkele maanden op twee plaatsen op Internet. Het boek is NIET politiek getint, en zeker niet racistisch, en sluit zich aan bij de “vrije mening”. Dat is wat wij doen, onze eigen mening doorgeven. We zijn allemaal mensen en als mensheid één. Met elkaar levend op een prachtige planeet boordevol fauna en flora in een welhaast perfecte symbiose, is het toch wat vreemd te noemen dat de onderlinge verbondenheid, zowel met elkaar als met de omgeving, zo weinig gewaardeerd wordt. Meer lijkt het op een leven als parasieten die onbewust hun eigen bestaansmiddel vernietigen. Het geïllustreerde boek is bestemd voor lezers die ervoor weinig tijd hebben om in boeken te verdiepen, en toch heel vluchtig op de hoogte willen gehouden worden. Mijn boek is ontspannend voor de lezer van deze tijd, daar de soms pittige, maar menselijke illustraties met daarbij de gepaste, inspirerende teksten. De auteur weet het, hij schopt hier een enorme open deur in, maar het is het beschouwen waard. En, naar de psychologie van Carl Gustav Jung, laten wij afdalen in de duistere spelonken van het collectief bewustzijn achter die deur. Misschien treffen we samen daar nog meer geheimagenten. Alles bijeen, het is bon ton te roepen dat je niet onderdeel bent van het politiek spectrum als anarchist. Wat er zo allemaal gebeurd rondom ons vooral in de politiek, staan wij merendeel afgunstig tegenover, en hebben onze eigen mening, dus zijn wij anarchisten. De eerlijkheid zegt dat wij voor onze idealen aan het daglicht moeten stellen.


Anarchism, Skinheads, Ghent, Art

Voorbeeld, een tafereel uit het boek in voorbereiding (afloop te zien op mijn Facebook).


Eboek in wording


Anarchisten, rode skinheads



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The “Internationale” Anthem in Three Languages


"The Internationale" (In French: "L'Internationale") is a widely sung left-wing anthem. It has been one of the most recognizable and popular songs of the socialist movement since the late nineteenth century, when the Second International (now the Socialist International) adopted it as its official anthem. The original French refrain of the song is C'est la lutte finale / Groupons-nous et demain / L'Internationale / Sera le genre humain. (English: "This is the final struggle / Let us group together and tomorrow / The Internationale / Will be the human race.") "The Internationale" has been translated into many languages. It is often sung with the left hand raised in a clenched fist salute and is sometimes followed (in English-speaking places) with a chant of "The workers united will never be defeated." "The Internationale" has been celebrated by socialists, communists, anarchists, democratic socialists, and some social democrats.

E-book Click Here


The Red Association

By Mikhail Bakunin

Political Freedom without economic equality is a pretense, a fraud, a lie; and the workers want no lying. 


(Larger edition in preparation)


The Anarchist Movement Today




Alexander Berkman (January 1934)


Epilogue by Philippe L De Coster, B.Th., D.D.


Anarchism is not a political party. Its strength cannot be measured by counting heads or ballots. The Anarchist movement is a vital factor of life, based on man's inherent love of liberty and desire for well-being Anarchism finds expression in every form of human endeavour -- in the economic and social, as well as in the cultural and artistic phases of existence.





Knights, Ghent, history, fiction, skinhead


These two older skinheads have chosen for the quiet, some distance away from the July Festival in Ghent. Through the back way they entered Blaarenmeersen, and are now finding an isolated spot for a good breathing in and out. In Summer, and at other times when weather is good and the sun shines the place is crowded, and very pleasant too. Which spot will they be choosing to be alone, the two of them.


Recreation Centre Blaarenmeersen in Ghent


Ghent, Blaarenmeersen

 Where the two skinheads are finding a quiet spot for themselves


Ghent, Blaarenmeersen

Far from the crowded beach and swimming pool 


Ghent, Blaarenmeersen

From Blaarenmeersen near Snepkaai in fact, you see beautiful and historical Ghent

Ghent, Blaarenmeersen, Fiction, Saladin, Knights


This man is playing an adult game with a partner, a man of a woman, who cares at this time and in this age. This just happens at Blaarenmeersen somewhere around the older buildings.Playing hard-to-get like the hide-and-seek games he play as children, and this  is not only an interactive game, it also increases his alertness to the environment, the skills for finding what he is looking for and also gives us a sense of satisfaction once he finds what he wants to experience.Playing-hard-to-get when done right introduces a particular sense of depth to the mysterious and elusive phenomenon that the opposite sex or sexes altogether tend to find absolutely irresistible. It seems, this is really what the man wants, and in public places where certain games are not tolerated. Whatever the game, remember that before you start playing hard-to-get, it is important that you are aware of some of the behaviours that indicate that a man or woman's level of interest in you may be small to begin with. Trying to play hard at once with somebody is the fastest way to end the relationship (even if you are one that has great potential). It is like having one foot on a banana peel, the other in the grave.

 Whatever, here follows nine suggestions:


1. Be flexible but not a pushover
2. Create distance without going anywhere
3. Give him/her what he/she wants but not in the way he/she expected
4. Don't compete, outlast the competition
5. Be totally open and upfront but keep raising questions in his/her mind and answering them: some right away, some later

6.Be easily accessible but "out of reach" 

7. Stir the pot once in a while
8. Work the imagination and tease all of his/her senses
9. Initiate sexual contact when he/she least expects it
It makes a lot of difference when you make things seems fresh and vital in ways that keep the blood flowing!


Ghent, the Poel, fiction, old convent


From Blaarenmeersen some people are now returning to the July Festival in Ghent, they are three of them. I don’t know if they know where they are now standing, but they find themselves at the Poel, at an old fortified building. The building had a past. When I was young, my parents gave their two children each a different education. My mother was French speaking, and my father spoke Dutch (Flemish), French and English. They seemed to have given to my sister a better education than to me. She had to go to a French Boarding School in Ghent, where they taught in French only, except my sister’s last year in Dutch, as this was the new Belgian law. The school as you sees here was a convent institution ran by nuns, the Ursulines, as you can notice from the fortified windows at the ground floor of the photographs. My sister had her lessons in Dutch during her last year only. It did mark the remainder of her life. She could not find a job in Ghent, because her Dutch was not sufficiently good, even bad through her unwillingness. All the way through, I was trained at school in Dutch in Wetteren and Ghent. French was my second language, and English my third. That’s the difference between the two of us. I stood always near to the Flemish people and spoke Dutch (Flemish). My parents died, and a separation remains between my sister and me, as we never agreed, we are totally different. I have not heard or seen her since 2006 when we had to gather to a solicitor in Tournai for estate purposes. And, that was it. The building is since  long ago no longer a convent or a school, serving other purposes in the City of Ghent. The friends are per chance just standing there not knowing the history of the building behind them. They were not yet born when the nuns left the building.


Ghent, Poel, Convent


Former Ursulines Convent and Boarding School for Girls 

Ghent, Poel, Convent

No longer a convent and boarding school for French speaking girls


Skinheads, Anarchisten, Red skinheads, Rode Associatie


Anarchist Skinhead poster is nu afgewerkt. Het is een oproep aan bestaande Vlaamse Skinheads en anderen naar de Anarchisten over te komen, en ik moedig jullie aan een vereniging te stichten, jonge mensen onder elkaar. Ons beleid in enkele woorden uitgedrukt is: ruimte en vrijheid van een ieder om zichzelf en uniek te zijn, want elk mens is uniek en bijzonder. Daarom geen haat onder de mensen, en dat wilt zeggen geen haat onder ons. Duidelijker, geen rassenhaat op geen enkel vlak.


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