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Studying the Acts of the Apostles

In one word sums up the Bible book called Acts of the Apostles, it is power. And not just any kind of power. Acts brings to view a source of power far greater than that unleashed by nuclear energy or even exploding supernova. The power Acts reveals is stupendous, awesome, limitless. It is the power that created the universe - the power of God Himself, as channeled through the Holy Spirit. "You will receive power", Christ told His fledgling church, "when the Holy Spirit comes on you" (Acts 1:8, NIV) Here you may open my latest study. There is at the end of the book a questionnaire to test your study. You find also at the end of the work an article on House Churches for today's living, small groups of people gathering together in one accord around God's Word and the Lord's Table.  In our communities we do not make distinction between races and sexes. In the Church of Jesus Christ, women are equal to men. All are welcome. You may open one of the two links as hereunder, and download.

The Acts of the Apostles Explained





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 Berea Pastoral Psychology






“Just as I am without a plea" was my testimony hymn leaving the baptistery at my baptism by immersion, Haydon Park Baptist Church, Wimbledon, on Sunday the 8th of June 1958. At the end of the evening service "How Great Thou Art" was sung by the community.


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A study on the Gospel of John, with abbreviated comments on the Evangelist’s three short letters  which have now been slightly updated and published anew, this in the frame of my new analytic study in preparation on the Gospel of Luke the Physician, and its important foreword on the four Evangelists Matthew, Marc, Luke and John.  The writings of John the Evangelist help us to look deep within ourselves. From John we learn that while in life there are many questions, surrendering to God’s Will is the only answer. Peace of mind cannot be obtained overnight. To achieve it we must invest many silence-years in the "spirituality" of God's Word, the Bible.


The Gospel of John and Epistles





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Right Reverend John Charles Ryle (10 May 1816-10 June 1900), first Anglican bishop of Liverpool. Commented the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke Explained




 The Gospel of Matthew Commented




 Letters to the Corinthians 1 and 2 Commented






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The Epistle of James 

The Proto-Gospel of James

The Secret Book of James  



Paul's Letter to the Galatians 







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 Divine Healing - Ministry to the Sick







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Studies in Titus, Philemon and Jude (New Testament)




First and Second Epistles of Peter Explained 





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