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Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, House churches

Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, Church house


The house church concept stems from Acts 2:42-47, which describes the early Christians meeting in homes. Many people start or join house churches because in the first place they want to try it, haven’t benefited from local established churches or are part of a group that is ready to form its own church. The advantage of a house church include that every one having accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour are welcome whether they are divorced or just living together, whether they are gay and even civilly married , black or white, the Lord call and bless them all. In one word, everybody is somebody, and Jesus Christ is Lord of all. A house church is family oriented, and a Bible teaching church as well, bringing the good news to the living. We believe in baptism by immersion as a way of testimony to the Lord. Another testimony of our faith in the Lord is the Lord’s Supper, better known in Roman Catholic and high churches as the “Eucharist”. House churches world-wide also in Flanders (Belgium) are the most explosive growth in our own time having first taken place in People’s Republic of China where the only expression has been the illegal, underground house church until very recently, as political repression did fail. The house church is our best hope for the renewal in our time. A good book available in paperback at Amazon, “The New Testament Order for Church and Missionary”, by Alex Rattray Hay. My copy is an old one, published around 1947, and bought in London (1957). The Lord Jesus calls for repentance and newness of life in Him. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. " (John 3:16).


Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, House churches

Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, House churches

Ancient Forum of Thessalonica Odeon






Paul Writing to the Thessalonians



Letters I and 2





Paul's Two Letters to Timothy





The Three Letters of John 





Berea Bible Handbook (Part One) - The Pentateuch 



Berea Bible Handbook - Part Two 





Bible School, Evangelis, Theology, House churches


The Work of Christ




Arno C. Gaebelein

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Study in the Book of Daniel



The Book of Daniel as presented here is a study by Arno Clement Gaebelin (1861-1942), and is public domain as stated on several Internet links. We have added this study book to the syllabus of the Berea School of Theology and Ministries on Internet for house church students, lay-preachers and believers. To this Ebook with have also added the same of the King James Version of the Bible (1611), Public Domain in US and Europe” except UK according to information received.


Berea Bible Handbook - Part Three One and Two Kings and Chronicles 






Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, Greek, House churches



“Why should I learn Biblical Greek? We have great English Bible translations and exceptional computer programs, the likes of which previous generations did not have”, then, you are quite mistaken. It is true indeed that the Christian can know their Lord and make Him known through translation. The Word of God is first of all in its original tongue, while translations as good as they are, always translated by renowned scholars, but gives only the sense of the original text, how good it may be translated. Not everybody has the time to study New Testament Greek, therefore I wrote a “Self-Help Manual for all those eager to study the Word of God, that it may penetrate in heart and mind. We all can learn Biblical Greek, even if it is only in part.






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