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Bible School, Theology, Evangelism, Greek, House churches

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Self-help in New Testament Greek

by Rev. Philippe L. De Coster, B.Th., D.D.



When in 1970’s I started with an advanced study course in ancient Greek, the New Testament original language, I had a road accident and was injured for about three months. My accident postponed my studies. Along my ministry, I needed to refer a lot to the Greek New Testament for my studies and sermon preparations, so I started to work out a self-help system as brought forward in my e-book hereby. It is not perfect but it helps in studying the Word of God. A translation as good as it may be, only gives the sense of the meaning of the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. I have noticed all along my career as pastor that the many translations of the Bible how accurate they may be only create divisions among Christians, and that is the reasons for so much differences among us. Hoping I am helping you with this. Buy yourself an interlinear Greek-English New Testament, preferably which includes the Nestle Greek text with a literal English translation as by the Rev. A. Marshall D. Litt.


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Berea Bible Handbook in Preparation


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The books of Ezra and Nehemiah (one book-in the Hebrew Bible “Tanakh”) trace the story of the return of the people of God to the land of Israel after the 70-year captivity in Babylon. Scholars differ as to the chronological order of the books, some maintaining that the events of Nehemiah occur before those of Ezra. Other historians place the return under Zerubbahel (recounted in the first six chapters of Ezra) as the earliest return, dated approximately 537 B.C., with Ezra and Nehemiah leading later returns in that order. Be that as it may, we shall follow the biblical order so that we might learn the meaning of these events in the spiritual parallel of our individual lives. As usual lots of pictures and archaeological light on many subjects referred to in the Word of God, the Bible.


 Berea Bible Handbook - Part Five (Hebrew Poetry)





  Berea Bible Handbook - Part Six - Prophecy and Isaiah




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Seven - Jeremiah and Lamentations





Berea Bible Handbook - Part Eight  Ezekiel and Daniel





  Berea Bible Handbook - Part Nine - The Minor Twelve Prophets






Berea Bible Handbook – Part Ten – Matthew and Mark Gospels





 Berea Bible Handbook - Part Eleven (Luke's Gospel)




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Twelve - Gospel of John




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Thirteen - Acts of the Apostles





Berea Bible Handbook - Part Fourteen - Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians 




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Fifteen - Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Sixteen - 1 and 2 Thessalonians and 1 and 2 Timothy





Berea Bible Handbook - Part Seventeen - Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, James




Berea Bible Handbook - Part Eighteen - 1-2 Peter; 1-2-3 John; and Jude 






 The Book of Revelation and supplements: origin of the Bible;  KJV 1611 and Church History Outline





For previous Ebooks one, two and three of the Berea Bible Handbook, see previous page, and that means Part Four of the Berea School of Theology and Internet Ministries.


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Berea Bible Handbook


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Great is Thy Faithfuless


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Bible School, Evangelism, Theology, House churches



 Messianic and End Times Prophecy


 in the Bible 


Research and Study by Rev. Philippe L. De Coster, B.Th., D.D.


 Open manuscript here



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Merry Christmas 2014

Maranatha Jesus Comes Soon!


Advent and Christmas 2014 illustrated meditations on the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah fulfilled in the New Testament. Christmas is also a looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ as predicted in God’s Word. Indeed, at this time of the year we are preparing ourselves not only towards a real spiritual Christmas time, but we are preparing ourselves towards His Second Coming. Maranatha Jesus Comes!


Happy New Year


Christians do well to pay attention to what is happening in Jerusalem, not because it is a shrine and not because it is more important than the New Jerusalem that is to come. Jerusalem is a time-clock for events of the last days.


Friends, we are confronted with great deceptions today and we cannot let our guard down as extreme weather conditions and flood disasters and even drought elsewhere, the Earth is shaking in many places all the time, wars as the cruel Islamic State and ISIS not only in Syria and Iraq, but they have their sponsors and killers everywhere in the world. And there is much more through uncontrolled and stupid people. Even religious organisations world-wide are no longer as they should. About the signs of the end, you should go on the following website, and judge for yourself:




However, we believers in Jesus Christ must continue to stand firm upon the truth of God's Word, no matter what the rest of the world is doing. We must follow the Lord Jesus Christ wheresoever He goes. Because HE is the ONLY one who can save us. His return is nearby. For this reason I have chosen the beautiful hymn sung by Katherine Jenskins of Songs of Praise (BBC), “Jerusalem” to wish you all “Happy New Year.” “Jerusalem” is our future when Christ returns. Maranatha, Jesus comes!



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 King James' Version of the Bible (1611) (Public Domain)


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